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The general terms and conditions of business of the webshop online store were drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2) and international codes of e-commerce.

Posredništvo Louder, s.p. manages the webshop online store.

Please read the online store's general terms and conditions of business carefully, since users are bound by them as soon as they enter our online store. Users are deemed to have been briefed on the entire content of the general terms and conditions and to have consented, without limitation, to the general terms and conditions offered for every transaction carried out via our online store.

Registered and unregistered users can make purchases at the online store. Upon registering with the online store system, users will receive a username and password which corresponds to their email address and password. The username and password explicitly specify the user and associate him or her with the entered data. By registering, visitors hasten the order process since they no longer need to provide their personal data for every purchase.

The service provider reserves the right to make any changes to the general terms and conditions of business without notice. The changes apply from the moment they are published and are binding on the user.

The online store is open every day, 24 hours a day. Sometimes, for various technical reasons, transactions cannot be processed via the online store or access to the store may even be denied. For this reason, the service provider reserves the right to limit or completely suspend the sale of certain products or an entire range of products for a definite or indefinite period, or limit or completely shut down access to the online store for a definite or indefinite period. The service provider shall not be held accountable for the non-functioning of the store owing to a lack of knowledge of how the store should be used, any consequences resulting from abuse of the online store, service failures owing to network outages, power failures or other technical disruptions that could temporarily, or for a longer period of time, disrupt the use of services.

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