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The lunch of the Barracuda project

The lunch of the Barracuda project

The lunch of the Barracuda project
Jasmin RM Author

The Barracuda Efoil all-in-one powertrain from Seahorse is an interesting concept where we move all the electronics and batteries (14S8P) down to the fuselage of the Efoil.

The idea has been in the form of test drawings in the dusty parts of our hard drives for quite some time now. The concept is not new, but to make it commercially interesting is something that no one has tried before.

It's time for action, we started by testing the concept with various prototypes and filed a global patent for the innovation.  In December 2021 we will start with a crowdfunding campaign to kick the project out into the world and start with mass production.

After a while, the type and shape of the Efoil boards will no longer matter!

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