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After years of development, the SH3 it’s here!!

Seahorse is placed on the list of Efoil manufacturers. In 2022, we will launch the SH3. An innovative Efoil that will shake the market.

We started slowly and carefully. Initially, we only produced the composite parts for the Efoils. Our products have been designed for DIY Efoil self-builders. Don’t get us wrong, we still support this industry and we are grateful to them because with their support we were able to grow.

At our online store you can buy everything you need for your Efoil DIY project.


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yoga retreat

Treat yourself with the ultimate experience!



150 € / Per Hour or 400 € /Per Day


Flying with an Efoil board is something new, the feelings of freedom are indescribable.

Book an experience with our instructor who will guide you step by step to help you master this new sport.



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Final thoughts - Efoil Masters WORLDCUP 2021

Final thoughts - Efoil Masters WORLDCUP 2021

Oct 05 2021 Jasmin RM
With the excellent organization and smooth running of the race, the MotoSurf Worldcup organizing committee proved their excellent abilities in organizing this event.
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The lunch of the Barracuda project

The lunch of the Barracuda project

Oct 04 2021 Jasmin RM
The Barracuda Efoil all-in-one powertrain from Seahorse is an interesting concept where we move all the electronics and batteries (14S8P) down to the fuselage of the Efoil.

The idea has been in the form of test drawings in the dusty parts of our hard drives for quite some time now. The concept is not new, but to make it commercially interesting is something that no one has tried before.
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Testing the 7˝ Shadow prop in a racing environment

Testing the 7˝ Shadow prop in a racing environment

Oct 02 2021 Jasmin RM

We took advantage of the first Efoil Masters - UIM MOTOSURF WORLDCUP 2021 and tested our 7˝ prop in a race environment so we could get realistic comparative data from the field.

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